June 19, 2019

Why do you believe in Jesus? Because he died for us and he was risen for us!

Yes, he is risen! It is because he is risen and he lives from beginning to end, so we have hope! The hope in Jesus Christ! We are saved by him and we can rise the same as him one day in future.

When I pray, when I talk with God, I pray to air? Absolutely not! Jesus lives with us all the time. He will listen to us! And he will comfort us, he will encourage us and give us strength! 

So anytime you feel you couldn't go ahead for the life is hard. Anytime you can't go on for nobody cares for you. Remeber Jesus loves you, he so loved you that he gave off his life to replace you. And remember he lives forever. 

So 'Because he lives' necklace is created for reminding us Jesus lives forever.



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