August 28, 2019

Yesterday I got a bad news that my uncle got the Advanced cardiac cancer. This is a big hit for this family that has been a unhappy one. There is a paraplegic son and the big son has a failure marriage. Now my uncle gets so serious illness. Sometimes we feel we are so helpness for the life. Life is hard! But although we are so helpless and so weak, do you think you are blessed? Yes, we are! Since we became the Christians, we are blessed by God. Becoming the son and daughter of the God is the biggest blessing. So I think the first thing for our uncle is to pray for him to accept Jesus Christ and to be the son of God! All the christians are blessed by God!

The lovely husband or wife is the blessing from God. The cute kids are the blessing from God. The health body is the blessing from God. Even there is a big illness for us, God will make us know this is also a blessing to make us grow in Jesus Christ!

Oh, God!  Please help my uncle to know you. Please help my uncle to to be humble in front of you. Please help my uncle to open his heart to admit he is a sinner. Please help my uncle to accept you by this suffering. 

Oh, Lord, let him know that only following Jesus Christ will get the real blessing!

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