March 19, 2019

Easter is coming. Do you want to decorate your home with christian home decor or christian wall art? We have prepared these scripture home decor and bible wall art for you to choose. You could let bible verse everywhere in your home. When your friends come to your home, you could show Jesus Christ to them by these chrisitan home decor or christian wall art. Or you could be encouraged or inspired by these Jesus wall art or Jesus home decor. Maybe the scripture on the bible pillow could remind you are the daughter of the King when you think you are not good. Maybe the bible verse on the wall art will art will tell you that God love you all the time even you are sorry for him recently. Maybe the bible scripture will remind you how you should do as a christian. And the bible verse will encourage you whatever you are in good times or in bad times.

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Bible wall art

Bible pillow

Bible blanket

Bible wall clock

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