July 01, 2019

 I have loved you with an everlasting love, I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.(Jeremiah 31:3)

I am a wife, a daughter and a mom at the same time in life. Do I love my husband, my sons and my parents? Of course! But can I love them forever? Absolutely no! When my husband makes me sad, or he makes a quarrel with me, I am unable to love him even I hate him. When my sons can't obey to me, or they can't do things as per my intention, or they make a mess at home, I am unable to love them. When I thought the hurt from my parents when I was a child, when I thought they always had quarrels when I was young even now they always quarrelled, I was so sad and feel so hurt by them. So I can't forgive them sometimes. I think my bad temper is from them. Many times, I can't forgive others. Not to mention love them. 

But from Jeremiah 31:3, we know God love us with an everlasting love. He doesn't like us. Only love others when they are cute, when they are good to us. God loves us when when we are cute, God loves us when we are bad, God loves us even we beat him, abuse him, set him on the cross! God gives us the unfailing kindness.

So the Jeremiah 31:3 wallet phone case and wall art are designed. Hope this bible quote can remind us God's everlasting love and unfailing kindness.


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