July 24, 2019

Today is my 39th birthday. I thought my husband has forgotten because there was no action recently. But when I got to my company this morning, I got a big bunch of roses and got a call he had reserved a resturant called "First sight of the odds". So thankful to my dear husband for givming me so speical gift. Thank God give me so good husband who are getting more and more romantic.

Getting off from work, on the way home, I told my sons their dad had given me surpirse gift by rose and himself. My sons said they would go home firstly and let me walk slowly. When I opened my door, they placed the rose in order and brought the last ice-cream for me. They said they would plan to prepare Noodlesof Longevity which is must one on Chinese birthday but they didn't know how to do. And they asked me to help. In additional, my first son helped me to wash my feet and best for my back. My little son washed all the bowls in place of me. And my first son did 2 fried eggs for me. So touched!

Thank God for giving me so lovely family. 

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