July 22, 2019

These few days, I am very worried about my sons. Why? Yesterday morning, my big boy told me he didn't want to the Remedial class. Through taking with them, I got that there are some conflict between they and other children in Remedial class they go to every day in summer vacation now. There is one girl who are strong and want to control others and always say she is better than my boys. Other children always play with her and obey to her. They play a game but don't ask my boys to join. My boys are very sad. They think they don't have friends there. Actually they eager to play with them. But they refuse them. 'No friends and be refused.' is the main reason they don't want to the remedial class. After I heard this news, I was shocked and sad again. I am sad that my boys are suffering. I tried my best to tell them that whatever happend, dad and mum are your best friends in the world. And especially God is our best friend. But I know at my boys' age, they eager friendship. But how to make friends they don't know, they don't know who is the real friend. I told them making friends means to do for others not only receive from others. I told them not all others want to be your friends, just relax. If others don't want to be your friend, don't worry. Just accept it. Although I say so much, I am still worried. This morning, they still don't want to go there. I guess they don't want to meet the children. But when I read <Streams in the Desert> this morning, I know there are a lot of dark dots in our life, we don't know the meaning of the dark dots. But finallly we know God are drawing music score by the dark dots in order to let our life can make a beautiful music. Oh, yes, God, you are making our boys' music score by these children they don't like. If they don't bear this, how could they grow up? Thank God teaching them to give thanks to God all the time.


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